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Creative Exchange

Creative Exchange is a social enterprise that specialises in building partnerships and networks to help small, creative businesses and organisations develop and grow. We understand the culture of young business and the new wave entrepreneur and find innovative ways to support them in learning how to negotiate the world of commerce. We are part of Impact Hub, an international network with co working spaces in all our partner countries, which serves our target group.

Creative Exchange has also worked with creative people and arts organisations for over 10 years on a variety of programmes and projects both private and publicly funded. It works alongside creative people, social enterprises and business enterprise agencies offering a range of specialist help in order to develop effective, profitable and sustainable businesses. Through our mentoring and support programmes we provide innovative businesses with the assistance they need to flourish and grow by understanding and eliminating the frustrations they experience when accessing public business support systems. We help the creative entrepreneur deal with the business issues that are often a barrier to growth within this sector.

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